Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Back2Earth animal bedding Dust Free?

Our dust extraction system allows us to remove airborne dust as well as small particles from the pet bedding. Back2Earth bedding is made from clean, corrugated cardboard, a material that is noticeably less dusty than straw or wood shavings.

Why do Veterinarians recommend our bedding?

Back2Earth bedding helps prevent the risk of respiratory problems and helps reduce their flare-ups. Our bedding is an excellent solution for post-surgical situations because the risk of infection is much lower because you are not dealing with dust/ bare floors after surgery. Back2Earth is also the best option for foaling because the bedding does not stick to the newborn and is not inhalable by pets.

Best Practices

How much Back2Earth animal bedding should I use in a 12x12 horse stall?

We recommend that you start off with a clean and dusted stall for best results. Start off with 4 bags of bedding making sure to bank up the walls. Add additional bags of bedding ads desired for your animal’s comfort. Just 3” of Bedding is comparable to 6” of wood shavings.

Why is Back2Earth bedding cheaper to dispose of?

1. Dumpster Removal:
Back2Earth pet bedding weights less than wood shavings. With water or rain, you will see the bedding breaking down immediately. We have found that you are able to get about double the amount in a dumpster than the traditional wood shaving.

2. Composting:
Our cardboard bedding is compostable and breaks down quicker than wood or straw bedding (4-6 weeks). The soiled bedding can even be spread immediately onto your land. This is great for introducing fiber back into the soil and preventing runoff and soil loss.

How do I transition my animals to Back2Earth bedding?

When you switch to our bedding, we recommend slowly switching over to the new bedding from B2E. New materials can cause a stress response in your animal. Gradually transition your animal by mixing in the new material with the old material daily adding more of the Back2Earth material into the stall. Over a few days you will see a successful transition to our product and keep your animals stress free!