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Back2Earth produces a line of environmentally friendly products made from clean, recycled cardboard with animal and pet bedding at the forefront of our product line. Back2Earth pet bedding is dust-free and highly absorbent. Studies have shown that our bedding is three times more absorbent than traditional pine shavings! Our cardboard bedding is also biodegradable and compostable, so it is a perfect way to give your pet the best bedding while being eco-friendly.

At our core we care about the environment & being cost-effective. The Back2Earth brand joined our family at American Box in 2020. American Box and Recycling has been a leader in sustainable packaging and material reuse solutions for over 65 years. Cardboard is what we know! We are dedicated to continuing to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly bedding with your animal’s health and comfort in mind.

Proudly made and distributed in the United States, we are able to deliver any amount of pet bedding you might need, and quickly. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks and three distribution centers. We would be happy to service you and your animal’s needs.

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