Small Animals

Dog & Cats


Pet 2 Earth Pet Bedding is recommended for breeding dogs as well as cat cages and carriers. With extensive research and testing it has been found to be a healthier alternative for bedding and is recognized by veterinarians, trainers, and breeders.

Guinea Pigs, Rabbits ,Ferrets, Mice, Hamsters, Gerbal, & Hedge Hog


Guinea Pigs, Rabbits ,Ferrets, Mice, Hamsters, Gerbal & Hedge Hogs need a soft, absorbent bedding/lining for their enclosures. This bedding keeps them dry and comfortable habitat. Perfect for nesting. With our dust extraction process this ensures that animals breathing in close proximity to their beds are breathing clean dust free air. 



A perfect bedding option for your reptiles. Helps eliminate odor and ensures they stay dry. 

Caged Birds


Birds get bored very quickly, especially parrots and cockatoos. Birds in the wild they are constantly testing things with their beaks. Back 2 Earth Pet Bedding is a safe and chemical free way of giving them something to chew and dig in so they don't get bored. You will see their cages will be dry and odor free in between cleanings.

Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys


A coop is the bird's castle. Proper housing is the key to happy and healthy birds. Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys love to scratch & search around on the ground. This provides a means of a clean, safe, chemical free substrate for the floor which is essential.



A alternative healthier bedding for pig pens. Pigs love the feeling of this bedding. Easier to clean improves and labor efficiency.