Additional Information

Composting is quick and simple!

Do not throw the used bedding away, do the right thing, and re-use it.

Back 2 Earth Pet Bedding is 100% bio-degradable and completely breaks down within  4-6 weeks when properly composted.

Begin your compost pile with a layer of the used bedding and mix in straw, old hay, or dead leaves.

Add another layer of nitrogen-rich materials on top of the cardboard, such as fresh grass clippings, spoiled vegetables, or fruit peels.

 Continue to build up these layers in this order.

The compost pile must be kept about as moist as a sponge. Add more water depending on how wet it feels. The cardboard will soak up any excess water.

Turn the compost pile every five days with a pitchfork to speed up decomposition.  This compost will be ready to use in the garden or spread on your fields in no time. Farms love to take this product. 

Dumpster Removal:

Back 2 Earth pet bedding weighs less than wood shavings. With water or rain, you will see the bedding breaking down immediately.  We have found that you are able to get about double the amount in a dumpster than the traditional wood shaving.

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